Korean Man About To Have Sex With His Girlfriend For The First Time, Her Tattoo Ruins Everything

This is not an average ex-boyfriend’s-initials kind of tattoo we’re talking about…

Tattoos can be incredibly sexy, when they’re done right. But for this Korean man, his girlfriend’s surprise tattoo killed the mood.


An anonymous Korean man posted a story of his sexy night gone wrong. He began with, “My girlfriend has a tattoo down there.”


The post went viral and the comments blew up with hysteric laughter at the man’s reaction.

  • “May I come in LOL WHAT DO YOU MEAN”
  • “I can’t stop laughing at the boyfriend’s reaction”
  • “It’d be hilarious if the guy got that tattoo. So polite. Such a gentleman!”


And of course, people thought the girlfriend’s tattoo was a bit controversial.

  • “She should get it covered up.”
  • “Could she have been… a prostitute?”
  • “I can’t believe she’d get it one because her ex told her to.”


There is no way to tell what happened next to this couple in distress. But at least he’ll know he’s always… welcome.

Source: Instiz
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