This Korean Man Can Repair Any Broken Handbag, Even If The Bag Looks Hopeless

This episode of SBS’s Master of Living featuring a master who can repair any luxury bag is going viral.

This man can fix any luxury bags and clothes using his own unique ingredients he gathers from nature.

For example, he mixes beeswax and garlic to make an adhesive glue to fix a leather bag.

He can also bring back an enamel leather that lost its shine using pigs oil and banana peel.

He can make a sad scratch on a leather bag disappear as if it was never there!

He can also make a disastrous hole in a handbag disappear like magic.

He has been fixing luxury bags and clothes for 35 years now, and his unique skills are surely something more than special.

Netizens are amazed by what he can do and aptly nicknamed him, the master of bag repair.