This Korean Man Is The Father Of 21 Ducklings And His Story Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Literally the cutest thing ever!

A Korean man and his adorable flock of ducklings are breaking the internet because they are just too wholesome and cute for this world!


The middle-aged South Korean man has become the proud father of 21 baby ducks who love to go on hikes with him.


They follow his every lead, stopping when he stops and coming when he calls to them, just like they would their own ducky parents


When he decided to take a break, so too do the duckies. And the results are just the cutest thing ever!


And if anyone else tries to trick the ducklings into following them, they just don’t listen. Even these ducks know the importance of stranger danger!


The man has been raising the ducks since they were still in their eggs. He kept the eggs warm until they were ready to hatch and even helped them break free from their shells.


He loves them so much that he’s even been nationally certified as the ducks’ dad!


The video showcasing the South Korean man being followed by his 21 baby ducklings has gone viral yet again and has gained almost 2 million views since it was posted a few months ago.


It isn’t hard to see why everyone wants to watch the video because it’s just so darn adorable! Check out the video below to get an extra dose of cute in your life!