A Korean Man Kept On Bleaching His Hair, And The Results May Distress You

It’s a horror story.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

A South Korean man in his early twenties uploaded his hair bleach history on the internet, and it’s not looking pretty.

Hair bleaching is a technique that uses chemicals to strip away one’s hair color. Strands will lighten to a yellow or red tone until a few tries later, blonde hair is achieved.

As the man showed in his first picture, his black hair turned into a burnt orange in his first tries.

This red tone was not his desired color and so he continued to bleach his hair.

…and continued…

…and continued!

His once healthy hair became brittle and thin.

A bald spot was even forming due to the hair loss he experienced with continuous bleaching.

Matted and balding, it was a shocking sight for netizens in South Korea. Noting that his scalp must be weak now, they commented: “Why did he continue bleaching it?” as now “his hair looks unnaturally thin”.

Bleaching became more popular in the country after the rise of the idol industry.

Numerous singers can be seen daily sporting blonde hair that was bleached by their hair stylists.

From the posters of K-Pop idols in the background of his room, the man was likely a fan of idol groups as well and may have dyed his hair to follow the trend.

Bleaching can be dangerous if it is done poorly and too frequently. It is often the cause of painful scalps, dry and discolored hair, and split ends.