Korean Man Killed His Neighbor’s Dog, Then Invited Him Over For Some “Dinner”

The dog went missing in March and a month later, they received this tragic news.

A family in Pyeongtaek, South Korea lost their beloved dog, Honey, at the beginning of March 2018, only to find out a month later that their neighbor killed and ate him.


When the dog went missing the family did everything in their power to get him back. After calling for the dog had no results, the family went to their neighbors and asked if they had seen him. Sadly, no one had.

They put up posters throughout the neighborhood describing their dog and offering a ₩500,000 KRW ($412 USD) reward. When that still failed to bring Honey home, they upped the reward to ₩1 million KRW ($824 USD).


Then they received the shocking news that their 62-year-old neighbor had killed him. Even more horrifying, the neighbor tried to feed him to the family.

The horrific case has recently gathered massive public outrage as the family’s daughter posted the whole tragic story online.


The daughter had actually gone to see the unnamed man when they first lost Honey.

He was a trusted neighbor three doors down. When I gave him a flyer he was very sympathetic and said he hadn’t seen Honey but would call if he did.

— Daughter


Later the man came over to have a drink with the father and console the family, all the while he had Honey in his barn.

It makes me sick thinking that Honey was scared and alone locked inside his barn. I wonder how long Honey waited for one of us to rescue him.

— Daughter


Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing the man did. After killing Honey, he decided to invite the father and some other neighbors over for a dog meat meal. The family declined the meal but were also unaware that the meal was actually Honey.

He knew who the dog was. He had seen me walking him but he still did this. He even called my father and told him to come eat. My father refused because he doesn’t eat dog meat.

— Daughter


The man ultimately confessed after another neighbor tipped off the family over the missing dog. He admitted he was irritated by the dog’s barking.

He claims he was annoyed by the dog’s constant barking and threw a rock at him. Only after the dog passed out, he claims, he strangled the animal and cooked it.

— Detective


Since then the family has started an online petition asking for justice to be done and it already has over 15,000 signatures.

We have a witness, police report, and statements. Fortunately, the police officers are dog lovers and have taken an active role in investigating this case. I want to make this a public issue and prevent it from happening again. It still feels like this is all a dream and that Honey will come back with his tail wagging, but I know that he won’t. I am appealing to you to help prevent further cases like this and to give strength to animal protection laws. All those who have sinned should be punished. Thank you for all of your help.

— Daughter


Luckily, animal abuse laws have been strengthened in the country. Those who have been caught committing crimes against animals may face up to two years in prison or pain a fine up to ₩20 million KRW ($16,481 USD).

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