Korean Man Has Mental Break Down After Discovering His 33 Year-Old Fiancee Is Actually 40

A Korean man resorted to an online community portal after finding out that his fiancée had been lying to him.

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He first explained that he and his girlfriend had been dating for over 10 years and that they were about to get married.

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He then revealed that he was 35 years old and that he had believed his girlfriend was 33 years old…

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…but she recently confessed that she was actually turning 40 years old this year.

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He asked fellow netizens for advice as he had been completely fooled by her youthful looks.

“I just heard something shocking from my girlfriend.

It’s been 10 years since we started dating. I’m 35, my girlfriend is 33. She just confessed before our marriage that she was turning 40 this year…. I was completely fooled because she looked very youthful. What should I do?”

The man’s original Pann post.

Some advised him to break up with her, as there was a chance that she may have lied about other things too.

“She didn’t just lie about 1 or 2 years, but she lied about a 7-year age difference for over 10 years… I think the answer is to break up..”

— 개발자 (gaebalja)

“Do you think she only lied about her age? Breaking up is the only answer. It looks like you’ll have a lot more to worry about if you end up living with her.”

— 헐 (hul)

Others were quite skeptical of the story and wondered how he didn’t know for 10 years.

“Is it possible to lie for 10 years…? I’ve also been in a relationship for over 6 years, and we know about each other like we know our direct family… On top of that, if you talk to each others’ friends or siblings, it’s inevitable one’s true age will be revealed… That’s incredible”

— 26

“But how do you not know for over 10 years?”


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