Korean Man Mistreated For Looking Like A Foreigner

On a recent episode the KBS2 talkshow Hello Counselor, a Korean man shared stories of discrimination he’s endured.

Because of his dark skin and “foreigner-like” features, many Koreans have made derogatory comments toward him.

Comments like, “foreigners like you are the ones who drive our country into this mess,” are all too common.

In spite of the fact that he couldn’t find anyone of foreign origin in his family tree, he has been told that his Vietnamese wife “looks more Korean” than he does.

The co-host, Shin Dong Yup, also shared a story of a restaurant owner attempting to rip him off because the owner thought he looked Japanese.

The entire panel agreed that people should speak out against prejudice.

Hello Counselor also recently hosted an episode where they spoke with a Nigerian man who had faced racist prejudice in Korea.

By talking openly about these situations, Hello Counselor is hoping to spread some much-needed light on the issues of colorism and racism in Korea.