This Korean Maxim Model Shot Back at Harsh Netizens Who Criticized Her Appearance

She’s so gorgeous though.

Popular Maxim model, Kim Woo Hyun recently made a post directed at the harsh netizens who have been criticizing her appearance.

She posted a few words on her Instagram live, which read, “People call me fat if I don’t lose weight, not attractive if I do lose weight, and that there’s nothing to see if I make the effort to exercise. If you have such high standards, why don’t you do anything to manage your own appearances?

From the sounds of it, Kim Woo Hyun has been receiving a lot of criticism for how she looks, and fans immediately showered her with words of comfort such as “Just ignore those people” and “Who are they to criticize you about your appearance?

In response, Kim Woo Yeon followed up her post with another message thanking her fans, which read, “Many fans have been cheering me on in the comments. Thank you to everyone who sent me words of comfort. You all give me so much motivation.

Kim Woo Yeon started her career in modeling as a model for jeans, and by posting gorgeous photos of herself on social media, she quickly rose to fame.

Just last year, she was the Maxim cover girl for the month of July, and she even took second place in American Maxim’s “Cover Girl Contest” and attracted even more attention as well as fans.

Source: Insight