Korean Men like this TWICE member more than the rest…by a lot

Korean Men from multiple online communities were polled on which TWICE member they liked the best and the overall results were unanimous.

3 Male Dominated online communities each held the same poll and in the end, Sana ranked number 1 in all of them!

NBA Mania is a community for fans of the NBA and basketball in general. Here Sana received 109 out of 406 votes.

In Diesel Mania, 35 out of 177 car enthusiasts chose Sana as their favorite member.

Finally, in MLB Park, baseball fans brought Sana to the top with a total of 251 out of 1566 votes.

Korean men just can’t resist Sana’s clumsy but cute personality and the friendly aura that radiates from her!

Sana, never stop being your amazing self!