Korean Mom Gets Hit By A 10 Ton Truck, Overcomes Disabilities And Turns Into A Goddess

The story of a 43-year-old mother of two who overcame not only her disability but her insecurities as well.

Baek Eun Kyung was hit by a 10 ton truck on her way to the stationary store when she was 7 years old and lost most of her right foot as a result.


Eun Kyung had very low self-esteem growing up due to her foot, which was different from everyone else’s. Then, when she turned 37, she began exercising when her husband, a judo athlete, recommended it.


It was difficult for her to balance when she exercised due to her foot, which became infected, but with the help of her husband, she began to enjoy exercising more and more.


After 7 years of hard exercise, she has now overcome her infection and made a beautiful body as well.


She has even won awards at various bodybuilding competitions and regained her confidence.


Now, at the age of 43 and a mother of two, she’s become an inspiring goddess who has overcome not only her physical disabilities but her insecurities as well.

“Everyone has an insecurity that they keep to themselves. For me, it was my foot. But I’ve overcome this insecurity and I’m no longer embarrassed about my feet.” ㅡ Baek Eun Kyung

Source: 1boon