Korean Mom Owns A Telemarketing Scammer In Epic Video

Don’t mess with Korean moms!

A Korean mom has recently gone viral for completely owning a scammer over the phone!

Quite recently, scammers who pretend to be tax collectors, in order to scam thousands of dollars from people. This mom decided to get back at them!


Although she speaks fluent English, she used a thick Korean accent and spoke in Korean to fool the caller.


She even made the caller talk to her newborn baby!


The Korean mom made sure to waste a lot of the scammers time. After all, more time one the phone with her meant less time spent ruining other people’s lives!

She also threw in a few Korean insults to boot.


Check out how the whole thing ended here:

This woman scammed a scammer! 😱 😂 (Turn the sound up! 🔊)

This woman scammed a scammer! 😱 😂 (Turn the sound up! 🔊)

Posted by Daily Mail on Wednesday, August 15, 2018