Korean Mom’s Response To Her Daughter’s “Bad Grade” On SnapChat Goes Viral

This Korean mother has gone viral for her touching reaction after her daughter told her that she failed an important test.

The stereotype of the strict Asian parent who focuses solely on academic performance is, to this day, a common and pervasive one. Indeed, the phrase “Tiger Mom” is a common term used to describe Asian mothers who push their children to excel in academics at all costs, putting loads of stress on their children to meet high standards.

Hannah Cho, a Korean-American high school student, had always strived for and worked hard to get a 4.0 GPA. Unfortunately, after taking a math test that she had studied really hard for, she ended up falling short of her target grade. Disappointed in herself, Hannah told her mother on Snapchat that she “failed” her math test.

Used to the idea of demanding Asian parents, many were surprised at the response Hannah had posted from her mother.

The heartfelt message spread like wildfire, as many wanted to show what kind of encouraging words a young student would appreciate from their mother.

As the tweet got more popular, Hannah clarified some things for those that were making false assumptions.

Some believed the message to be fake as they claimed that Asian parents weren’t easygoing as this and that it was hard to believe that her mom would even use Snapchat.

Hannah explained that her mother started using Snapchat because she wanted to have a streak with her daughters. The message her mom sent was for their daily streak of 90 days.

With the stress of school often becoming overwhelming, it’s refreshing to see this kind of support to make things a little easier to deal with.

Source: NextShark