Korean Movie Directors Reveal The Hardest Part Of Working With Child Actors

Park Kwang Hyun, the director of an upcoming movie called “Gummy Man”, revealed the hardest part of working with child actors.

He revealed that he had a difficult time filming a child actor who was supposed to run away from the bullies while looking frightened.

But children can’t help but naturally smile and laugh when the run!

“The character’s supposed to be frightened as he runs away from the bullies but…

When children run, they laugh.”

— Park Kwang Hyun

Child actor Park Si Wan couldn’t maintain a straight face as he ran away from the bullies.

And to make things even more difficult, the director couldn’t reprimand such a cute kid!

“You know, if you were just a bit older, I’d be scolding you.”

— Park Kwang Hyun

After repeatedly failing their takes, Park Kwang Hyun jokingly threatened to make a scary dog chase Si Wan.

And the empty threat worked because Si Wan successfully maintained his frightened face while running!

No one could’ve guessed that a child’s natural lightheartedness can become a source of problem for directors.

Watch Si Wan’s full running scene below!