This Korean Movie Is Rumoured To Be The Saddest Film You Will Ever Watch

Koreans are bringing buckets to watch this movie because it tears up the hearts of its viewers with endless amounts of tears.

The movie Preparation is being dubbed the saddest movie in Korean history.

It’s a story about a fatally ill mother who prepares her 30-year-old son with an intellectual disability on how to live on without her.

Preparation is bringing tears to its audience’s eyes with this special yet relatable story between a mother and her son.

Many audiences claimed that the story strongly reminded of their own mothers, who many take for granted.

Veteran actress Go Doo Shim and renown actor Kim Sung Kyun are highly praised for successfully portraying the heartbreaking tale.

Preparation gathered 75,000 viewers in just three days and the number is expected to continue on its steep climb higher with each day.

You can watch the trailer for Preparation below.

Source: Insight