Korean Netizens Are Amazed With EXO’s Unshakable Influence

EXO’s really got that power! ;)

Korean netizens were amazed to find out that many people in their teens are still entering EXO‘s fandom, proving the group’s great influence.

EXO continues to attract new fans everyday with their incredible talent and undying charms.

The demographics of their listeners show that majority of their fans are females, comprising 90% of the fandom, while the remaining 10% are males.

Majority of their fans are in their 20’s, comprising 39% of their fan population, and the other 39% comprises of fans aged in their 10’s.

Korean netizens are interested that there are no ahjummas in their fandom, and how they still have fans who are in their teens.

It isn’t so surprising that many people who are still joining the fandom with EXO’s undeniable talent!

EXO recently made their comeback with “Obsession” last November 27.

Watch the music video here:

Source: Nate Pann


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