Korean Netizens Bash f(x) Krystal For Recent Weight Gain

Netizens began ridiculing her for her weight.

f(x)‘s Krystal recently made an appearance at the Busan National Motor Show, dressed in a black jacket dress and simple strap heels.


She added extensions to her hair, as well as her signature simple makeup style, to complement the complete outfit.


However, many Korean netizens began criticizing her looks, claiming she gained too much weight.

  • “Wow Krystal gets fat too… I thought she was naturally skinny.”
  • “Everyone saying that she’s still skinny and that she shouldn’t lose any weight are lying.”
  • “I don’t know if she’s wearing lose clothes because she gained weight, but her body line is ugly and her legs look short.”


They bashed on her photos, ridiculing her weight.

  • “She gained a lot of weight, she used to be so skinny~”
  • “She looks like she ate three bags of ramen before she slept;;”


Her fans soon stepped up to fight back against the haters, pointing out that Krystal was as beautiful as ever!

  • “What fat? I don’t understand at all why they say she’s fat. She just looks pretty.’
  • “She’s gorgeous. She’s so pretty whatever she does.”
  • “I don’t agree. She looks perfect right now, and her face looks more beautiful.”
  • “You guys are crazy~~~~ Get off her back. She looks beautiful just as she is.”


Some even claimed that the type of lighting and her choice of wardrobe only made her look fatter than she actually is.

  • “She needs to change her stylist. She looks fatter in her new style of clothes.”
  • “I think she just came out fat because these were press photos.”


Perhaps it’s the difference in the style of hair and wardrobe she used to wear while promoting with f(x)…


… but no one can deny that Krystal still looks absolutely stunning in her recent appearances!


Weight gain or not, Krystal looks happy and healthy – which is exactly what fans want her to be!


Source: Nate Pann