Korean Netizens Are Shocked and Slightly Scared of Bie The Ska’s Parody Cover of BTS’s “Boy with Luv”

But they also can’t deny how wonderfully in sync they are.

In recent days, a post captioned, “BTS After They Ate Something Wrong” has been going viral in Korean online communities.

The post consists of a parody cover video of BTS‘s “Boy With Luv” created by popular Thai creator, Bie The Ska.

This creator along with his friends dressed up in pastel colors and covered the choreography of “Boy With Luv” with very serious looks on their faces.

What made the video even more captivating was the way they wore colorful wigs and imitated the facial expressions of the BTS members plus a bit of exaggeration.

In addition to their perfect outfits, they even filmed with the same camera angles and similar props which shocked all those who were watching.

The very similar yet very different parody cover is making Korean netizens respond with comments such as “What is this? This is kind of addicting“, “When the guy with the blue hair turned around, I literally flinched“, and “They’re surprisingly in sync“.

Check out the full parody cover below:

Source: Insight