Netizens Are Tripped up by This NCT Photo of Mark Teeth and Haechan’s Eyeball

“Is that Mark’s teeth or Haechan’s eyeball?”

There’s a past photo of NCT that’s been receiving overwhelming attention on online communities.

The photo is a snippet of an interview NCT participated in when they were at the 2018 American Music Awards last year, and the debate among NCT fans is still on-going.

During the interview, Haechan was standing behind Mark in the far right corner of the screen.

At a specific moment, the faces of Haechan and Mark overlapped in a way that created what looked like an optical illusion.

It appears that Mark’s teeth and Haechan’s eyeball overlapped, and fans are debating on whether it’s really Mark’s teeth or if it’s actually Haechan’s eyeball since he’s known to have pretty big eyes.

Check out the footage below and see if you can solve the mystery:

Source: Dispatch


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