Korean Netizens React To EXO’s “Obsession” Music Video

They only had good things to say!

EXO made their comeback last November 27 with “Obsession” as their title track.

Korean netizens have reacted to the music video and we can all relate to their reactions!

Some have said that this song is an “entrance exam banned song” because if you listen to it while preparing for your exams, you will feel distracted because the song will not stop playing in your mind.

Kai has also caught the attention of many! With his exotic visuals and great built, many were sure to feel weak and attracted towards him!

His outfit which further emphasized his great built was also the talk of the town, as expected!

Many have talked about the song’s great melody and catchiness! Seems like this song will be stuck on everyone’s heads for a while!

Watch the music video for “Obsession” here:

Source: Nate Pann