Korean Netizens Are Having A Tough Time Choosing A Visual In TXT

They all have various charms!

Netizens are having a tough time picking a visual member in TXT. They can’t decide because all members have their own charms and are front runners for the “visual” title.

TXT seems to have swayed many hearts both as a group and as individuals!

Many have tried, but failed to pick just one “handsome” member! This other fan tried to help out fans by saying that the member you will like will depend on your personal preference. They listed out the charming points of each member with hopes to find a solution.

They said, that if you prefer someone with a warmer aura, group leader Soobin will be the one for you! As a leader, he naturally has this warm and welcoming vibe that has the power to attract fans.

Meanwhile, if you prefer those who radiate an idol vibe, according to the comment, Yeonjun is the one you should choose! Yeonjun has a cool and serene vibe and is talented as well which gives him the “idol vibe” naturally.

According to the comment, Beomgyu is the one you’re most likely to choose if you find yourself attracted to men who have a pretty face.

While Taehyun is the one for you if you prefer boys who radiate stereotypical “flower boy” energy!

Lastly, Huening Kai will be the perfect one for you if you prefer boys who possess more unique features!

It is undeniable that all members have both visuals and talent to brag! Everyone surely does have a difficult time choosing a bias when they first get into a K-Pop group, and as well as staying loyal to that bias all throughout your time of being a fan of theirs.

Have you chosen your TXT bias?

Source: Nate Pann