Korean Netizens Voted On Who They Think The Most Charming And Lovable Female Lead Is

Everyone has fallen for their charms!

Korean netizens voted on who the most charming and loveable female K-Drama leads are and here are the poll winners.

1. Jun Jihyun from You Who Came From The Stars

Jun Jihyun showed her undeniably great acting in the drama You Who Came From the Stars.

2. Park Boyoung from Oh My Ghost

Viewers easily fell for Park Boyoung‘s charms as she portrayed her role in Oh my Ghost.

3. IU from Hotel del Luna

IU proved herself in the acting scene once again as she showed her versatility as an actress in Hotel del Luna.

4. Park Boyoung from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Park Boyoung has everyone all over her charms when she played Do Bong Soon’s role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

5. Kim Jiwon from Fight For My Way

Kim Jiwon showed that she can make the characters she play her own in Fight For My Way.

6. Kim Goeun from Goblin

Kim Goeun shows her incredible acting skills as she brings her character to life in Goblin.

Source: Instiz and Twitter