Korean News Anchor Defended Her No-Bra Fashion On Television

She prioritizes her comfort.

MBC news anchor Im Hyun Joo defended herself from naysayers who were against her no-bra fashion.

She recently appeared on-air sans bra while reporting on the news, something which she believed would not affect her audience negatively.

I felt comfortable because I thought there would be no inconvenience to the viewers, and I was able to get on-air as usual.

— Im Hyun Joo

While staff in the station looked away awkwardly when she told them of her attire, she stood firm in her decision to prioritize her comfort.

If there are men who post sexually suggestive comments, I recommend that they wear a bra one hot summer day, just one day.

— Im Hyun Joo

The anchor stated that there were no complaints following her appearance.

There was not a single protest posted on the viewer’s bulletin board. It was a refreshing experience.

— Im Hyun Joo

She posted her experience on her Instagram page, urging her followers to be more compassionate.

‘You can jump over one layer of underwear and be much more free’.

— Im Hyun Joo

Im Hyunjoo is not new to going against the status quo in the Korean news and entertainment industry. She previously made headlines for wearing glasses during a live broadcast, saying, “I became more free. I think these glasses gave me wings called freedom.”