Korean News Reports About Camila Cabello Liking A Tweet Of Momo and Sana dancing to “Havana”

Camila Cabello made the news for “liking” TWICE’s ridiculous dance cover.

Camila Cabello made the Korean news recently, just for “liking” TWICE‘s “Havana” absurd dance cover!


OSEN was the first in line to report this ground-breaking turn of events…


…but Camilla’s “like” also made headlines in Japan!


This “breaking” story comes as no surprise to ONCEs. After all, Momo‘s and Sana‘s very serious dancing is clearly very serious, high-priority news.


This cover is history in the making!


Camila came across Momo’s and Sana’s epic dorkiness while browsing on Twitter, but it’s not the first interaction the stars have had. Camila crossed paths with TWICE in Japan during a music show called Music Station. During the show, she and Sana both bopped along to “Havana”.


Afterward, TWICE and Camila took a couple of fun backstage photos.


Camila also sang along to TWICE’s “Candy Pop” during a fan meeting, proving that she is a total ONCE!


After seeing the most recent interaction between TWICE and Camilla, ONCEs are hoping for a collaboration.


Maybe Camila will make a cameo in TWICE’s next newsworthy dance cover! Watch it below: