Korean Plastic Surgeon Compares BTS V’s Face to That of Young Leonardo DiCaprio

He conducted a full analysis of BTS V’s face.

BTS V‘s face is so good-looking, that even a YouTube channel called “I LUMI TV” uploaded a video titled, “We Analyzed the Face of the Most Handsome, BTS’s V“.

The video showed a Korean plastic surgeon conducting a full analysis of BTS V’s face where he confessed, “There’s such thing as ‘golden proportions’ and BTS’s V has it.

After taking a good look at BTS’s V’s face, he noticed the perfect proportions between the width of his nose and the middle of his forehead as well as between his chin and cheekbones.

There’s essentially no flaw in his face.

– Plastic Surgeon

Furthermore, he pointed out the line between the tip of his nose and his chin and described it as a rare feature in Asian faces, and compared his visuals to Leonardo DiCaprio back when he was young.

Fans who saw the video responded with comments such as “V’s handsome face has been validated by a professional“, “He’s not just looking, but also has a good vibe“, and “He’s pretty much flawless“.

Check out the full analysis below:

Source: Insight