Korean Plastic Surgeon Completely Transforms And Saves A Thai Man’s Life

A Thai man’s life changed 180 degrees after receiving plastic surgery from Korea.


Let Me In Season 3, a program that transforms people’s lives by awarding them with plastic surgery.


Monlin was born with many deformities on his face, which he explained was the cause of many hardships in his everyday life.

“I was not able to find a decent job because I didn’t look ‘normal’. Even at the factory that I currently work in, I always eat lunch by myself because I’m ashamed of my looks. My self-esteem was so low I didn’t know what to do.”

— Monlin


His jaws did not interconnect correctly, which caused him to drool a lot and make his social life worse.


After hearing his story, the Thai judges chose him to fly out to Korea for a complete plastic surgery makeover.


After consulting with various Korean plastic surgeons, he underwent an extensive amount of surgeries.


They primarily focused on repairing his jaws to realign the bones to fit properly.


e also had procedures done to his forehead, eyes, nose, and skin to get that “perfect” look.


After receiving all of the operations, he successfully recovered in 3 months.


In the final outcome, Monlin’s old face was nowhere to be found!


He surprised the audience with his new flower boy look, and his new smile couldn’t have been more perfect!


When he returned back to Thailand, even his mom could not recognize him!


Monlin and his mother happily shed tears together happily as they couldn’t believe how much he’s changed.


Viewers around the world wish for Monlin’s new found happiness!

Source: Dispatch