Korean Plastic Surgeon Explains What Makes Each BLACKPINK Member’s Eyes Unique

They all have double eyelids, but their eyes are completely different.

Every BLACKPINK member has their own unique beauty—particularly when it comes to their eyes. While Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa all have double eyelids, the similarities stop there. Plastic surgeon Dr. Kim from Le Arts Cosmetic Surgery clinic gave his analysis on what makes them so distinct in a recent YouTube video.


Did you know there are three broad types of double eyelid: inline, outline, and in-outline? Jisoo has inline eyelids—a natural-style crease which gets narrower as it reaches the inner corner of each eye. According to Dr. Kim, these inline eyelids are part of why Jisoo has such an “innocent, cute, and youthful impression” despite being the eldest member of BLACKPINK.


The plastic surgeon went on to say that Jisoo’s eyelids wouldn’t look this beautiful on just anyone. When you bring her rounded nose tip and balanced facial features into the mix, it’s no wonder she’s the group’s official visual.



According to Dr. Kim, Jennie’s beauty is truly “one of a kind“, especially where her eyes are concerned. The distanced between Jennie’s eyes is particularly wide, which makes her face look even smaller.


Dr. Kim says Jennie’s small, uniquely shaped face is the key reason her visuals are so fascinating. Plus, her bright and pure complexion further enhances her image.



Next up is Rosé, who also has inline eyelids. However, Rosé’s lids have a very narrow fold. In his video, Dr. Kim explained that the narrowness of the crease this gives Rosé’s eyes a natural, innocent look.


On top of that, the plastic surgeon said that while Rosé’s eyes are more typically Asian, the rest of her features have a Caucasian vibe. This “imbalance“, he explained, gives Rosé her distinct and attractive look.



Last but not least, Lisa’s eyelids are very different to the other members. The group’s main dancer has outline double eyelids, which means her eyelid creases don’t get narrower at the corners. Dr. Kim says that this fold is more commonly seen in people of Caucasian descent.


Lisa’s eyelid fold is high and her eyes are very large, which gives her the doll-like image she’s so well-known for.

Source: 레아트성형외과 (YouTube)