Korean Plastic Surgeons Analyzed Whether “Camera Massage” Has Changed BTS’s Visuals From Debut To Now

“What’s the secret [to BTS’s visuals]? The love of the fans?” – Korean plastic surgeon

“Camera massage” is the Korean myth that spending a lot of time in front of a camera makes you prettier or more handsome. So, YouTube plastic surgeon team Dr. Trio set out to analyze BTS’s faces and see whether the legend is true. Here’s a plastic surgeons’ view of BTS’s visuals from their debut in 2013 to the present year, 2020.


Dr. Trio said that when RM debuted at 20 years old, he had a lot of cute “baby fat” on his cheeks.

But now, at 27 years old, the plastic surgeon team noted how RM has built far more muscle. His shoulders are wider, and Dr. Deok Jun even pointed out that his neck is thicker. According to Dr. Si Wan, strength-oriented workouts can change your face.


When Dr. Trio looked at the difference between 22-year-old debut Jin and 29-year-old current Jin, they were shocked to see that he looks exactly the same. According to the team, the only difference is that his hair has changed.

Dr. Si Wan says Jin’s face hasn’t changed much because he was already an adult at debut, but they can’t wait to see if he still looks just as young when he’s 40.


According to Dr. Trio, Suga is another member whose face looks the same. The doctors said the only real difference between 21-year-old Suga and 28-year-old Suga is the change in his facial expressions.

Dr. Deok Jun said his youthful looks comes from his cheeks, which are full despite his strong jawline. Dr. Si Wan went on to say that Suga has a shorter face, which also contributed to his youthful look.


Dr. Trio noticed that there is a slight difference in J-Hope from debut at 20 years old to his present day 27-year-old self. When he debuted, he still looked like a high school student, especially because of his style.

They went on to point out how amazing it is that the BTS members have barely aged visually in seven years, especially given their incredibly busy schedules. Usually, a lack of sleep and little time to eat makes people look older, but J-Hope looks like he’s only a year or two older than he was in 2013.

What’s the secret? The love of the fans?

— Dr. Trio


Jimin (Dr. Deok Jun’s bias!) debuted at the age of 19, and according to Dr. Deok Jun, his face has changed a lot since then. Dr. Trio say that when Jimin debuted, he had a much chubbier face and a more cute, mischievous image.

But now, at 26-years-old, they said he’s lost a lot of the weight on his face. The doctors went onto say that his side profile these days is much sharper and his jawline is more masculine. They agreed that, like RM, Jimin’s face change probably came from gaining muscle strength—especially because working out increases male hormone levels.


Between the age of 19 years old and 26 years old, Dr. Trio say V’s chin became stronger and more masculine. Dr. Si Wan said that when V debuted, he had the image of a very handsome high school student.

However, these days, the doctors say he has the visuals of a star actor. They even compared his looks to those of actor Won Bin.


Unsurprisingly, since maknae Jungkook debuted at just 17-years-old, Dr. Trio said he’s had the most dramatic transformation of all. He definitely looked like a youthful high schooler in his rookie days.

Now, however, they say he’s matured significantly. Of course, he still looks young for his age of 24 years old, according to the doctors. Like V, they said he looks just like a lead actor these days.

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