Korean presidential candidate release StarCraft Maps as a part of his campaign

South Korean presidential front-runner released two custom-made maps on StarCraft to celebrate the game’s transition to free-to-play as a part of his campaign.

Moon Jaein, who is viewed by many as the current favorite for the upcoming special election, has released a surprising addition to his presidential campaign: two StarCraft maps in celebration of StarCraft: Brood War‘s recent release as a free-of-charge game. The two maps, called Moonsters, spell out Moon Jaein’s name and his party number, one, in huge junks of minerals.

A short promotional video was also released along with the two maps showing a time-lapse of how the presidential candidate’s team created the maps on StarCraft and even has a little twist at the end. The video clip ends with a small text shown on the screen that reads “Player 3 was eliminated”. The number three just so happens to be Moon’s rival candidate, Ahn Cheolsoo‘s, party number.

StarCraft is a very popular and well-known game in Korea and has a long history there, it is considered to be the game that popularized esports in the country. Moon’s campaign has been receiving a lot of positive feedback and has the fans of the game praising the creative idea.

Check out Moon Jaein’s campaign video of the StarCraft maps below:

Source: ESPN, Polygon