Korean Professor Reveals Why BTS Is Successful, And How They Broke The K-Pop Formula

BTS ended up taking a completely different road from other K-Pop groups.

BTS are truly global phenomenons, and their journey getting to this point is like one from a movie.

A YouTube channel by the name of LIVE dental hospital uploaded a video of professor Choi Jae Boong giving a brief presentation about BTS’s success and how they broke the “standard formula” in K-Pop. Choi Jae Boong began his presentation by talking about BTS’s success and how data shows that they’re the most successful artist since The Beatles.

He also spoke on how BTS didn’t follow the “standard formula” in K-Pop. Usually, artists would try to get noticed by broadcasting stations, then have their music played on TV and radio.

After getting their music played on TV and radio, the album would most likely be successful, which would lead to money.

After obtaining a good amount of profit, companies would then start sending their artists overseas and have them collaborate with the most powerful music companies to get their name known.

While this was the “standard formula”, it’s not the one BTS followed. When BTS debuted, they were mostly ignored by broadcasting companies since they weren’t that popular.

BTS’s success came not from broadcasting companies, but their fans, ARMYs.

The “Big 3” in K-Pop (SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment) have stated in the past that for a K-Pop group to become global, they need a foreign member.

However, BTS didn’t follow this, as they don’t have a foreign member.

When selecting the members for BTS, Bang Si Hyuk chose to look at their passion and skills. When BTS debuted, Bang Si Hyuk decided that the main goal of their debut was to make a connection with their fans and that getting noticed by other companies didn’t matter.

Bang Si Hyuk ended up selecting the BTS members since they were willing to risk their lives for their dreams.

Choi Jae Boong also felt that BTS appealed to many people because of the messages they try to spread with their music.

When artists go overseas, a lot of them tend to make songs that have a lot of cursing. BTS wasn’t like this, as they chose to spread a more positive message through their music.

Here’s the full video below!