Korean Radio Host’s Fangirling Moments When Taking Pictures With BTS’s Jimin Is Literally Us

She saw her chance… and she took it.

BTS‘s Jimin recently released his first solo album, FACE, and has been busy promoting his album and winning first place on M Countdown.

Jimin appeared as a guest on SBS Radio‘s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time and shared how he felt about releasing his album and some fun facts about him. The hand-picked audience members created a fun and exciting atmosphere and supported Jimin, who claimed he was very nervous.

It was the host and actress, Choi Hwa Jung, however, who grabbed our attention because of her very honest and very much relatable reactions to Jimin—she could not help but fangirl like an ARMY.

Jimin (left) and Choi Hwa Jung (right) | @1077power/Instagram

First, when she asked Jimin to introduce himself, she screamed after she heard him speak.

Also, while reading comments sent in from listeners, Choi Hwa Jung asked Jimin if he would read a comment. He read a comment from a listener praising his sweet voice, and she couldn’t help but fangirl over his voice.

Jimin is great at dancing, but isn’t his voice so attractive? I see an audience member deeply agreeing with me. Our listener is right — there are moments where we don’t need anything else, we just want to listen to Jimin’s voice. Wow…

— Choi Hwa Jung

Then she brought up a question that made everyone’s hearts flutter.

Then when you speak on the phone… people must melt, huh?

Throughout the interview, Choi Hwa Jung couldn’t help but comment on his handsome appearance. She also complimented his skin, asking what his skin regime was. He responded that he does one face mask a day.

She then read him all the achievements of the album FACE and even gave him a handshake and a hug out of respect.

When it was time for Jimin to read some more comments from listeners, he answered a question about how he keeps in shape by saying he runs outdoors. To this, Choi Hwa Jung asked curiously, “Where do you run..?” When Jimin replied, “At the Hangang River,” she responded, “Hangang River, just you wait!

Jimin joked that he needed to find a new place to run, and everyone in the studio laughed.

What stood out the most to audiences was when Choi Hwa Jung and Jimin took pictures while off-air. Trying to get a good angle, Choi Hwang adjusted her off-shoulder top and lowered it slightly to reveal more of her shoulder—and Jimin’s reaction was hilarious.

Then they took more pictures, and while Jimin stood still and took pictures, the radio host adorably moved around, changing poses. Her excitement permeated through the camera, and ARMYs joked that Choi Hwa Jung was literally like them when they took pictures with cutouts and virtual versions of BTS members.

An ARMY even showed their own picture with a cutout of a BTS member, showing the resemblance between the moment with Choi Hwa Jung and Jimin.

Netizens complimented the radio host for being so confident, cute, and real!

Choi Hwa Jung saw her chance and took it! Being able to interview a world-class star isn’t easy, but she did it with ease, spunk, and a lot of Jimin fangirling—and we totally understand!

| @1077power/Instagram

This isn’t the first time Choi Hwa Jung and Jimin have met; nine years ago, BTS was a guest on her show, and Choi Hwa Jung recalls saying that BTS was such a talented and classy group. Who would have guessed they would reunite after nine years? We love seeing people who have witnessed BTS grow from rookies to global superstars and support them!



Source: SBS Radio