Korean Rapper Dok2 Personally Rescues Cute Dog From Being Eaten, Flies It All The Way To US

Dok2 is a big softie at heart who couldn’t resist helping this organization!

On his flight into the United States, Korean rapper Dok2 helped a puppy in need of a new home. He Instagrammed his adventure with Ria the Jindo, a rescue dog from the Korean dog meat trade, and fans from all over the world are celebrating him taking action to help the dog find her fur-ever home.

The Korean dog meat trade is an unending problem in South Korea, with several animal protection organizations constantly battling against the Meat Dog Farmers’ Association. Such “dog farms” are, while illegal and inhumane, still in good business all over the nation — especially in the summer season when “dog meat stew” is considered a must-try menu for some Koreans.


Dok2 explained he “saw the posting about the organization looking for couriers to fly the dogs out of Korea” and decided to help on his trip as the schedule worked out.

“Ria was adopted from a dog farm in Gwangju, Korea. Because Koreans do not prefer to adopt white or brown Jindos and mixed breeds, rescues like Ria must be adopted abroad. I hope the best for Ria and her new family.”

— Dok2


The rescue organization that sent Ria the Jindo on Dok2’s flight didn’t know who the volunteer was — or how popular of a celebrity he is — until he identified himself.

“I had no idea it was Dok2 who reached out to me about becoming a courier. He simply sounded interested in the act, so I sent him pictures of Ria. He was the sweetest. Then I found out he’s Dok2 the rapper. Thank you so much, Dok2, for your love for the animals!”

— NGO Dasom


Dok2 encouraged fellow celebrities and fans to participate in relocating the Korean rescue dogs. With pictures of how the process took place at the airport, Dok2 detailed how to help.

“Those of you who plan on traveling outside the country, please help! Being a courier will not require anything from your end. If you can get to the airport an hour earlier, the organization will take care of all paperwork and processing.”

— Dok2


The organization’s Instagram update later showed Ria the Jindo safely arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Ria is now in Las Vegas. Please wish her the best. Dok2 has my trust forever now. Thank you so much for helping her relocate. Thank you for sending us pictures of the adventure too… This has been incredible. I look forward to receiving more couriers in the future, thanks to you.”

— NGO Dasom


Dok2 is making new fans, as Korean netizens find out about the rapper’s good deed to raise awareness.

  • “This is real swag!”

  • “Thank you. You’ve restored my faith in humanity.”

  • “Wow, Dok2. You’re such a sweet person!”

  • “This is daebak!”

  • “I’ve always been your fan. I love you so much!”


As the Korean dog meat trade and farms grow more controversial among Koreans, several other celebrities have participated in serving as couriers. Model and actress Honey Lee also recently helped a rescue dog find the way home.


K-Pop idols like Lee Hyori, HyunA, and I.O.I‘s Kim So Hye are also known for their love for their adopted rescues.

More and more Korean celebrities, like Highlight‘s Yoseob and girl group Lovelyz, are positively influencing fans by volunteering at centers, promoting rescue adoptions, and raising awareness.

Source: Dispatch