Meet The Korean Rapper Who Helped BTS Write The English Lyrics For Mic Drop

This rapper from NY is the mastermind behind the English lyrics of BTS’s #1 hit around the world!

Rapper Flowsik has revealed that he helped BTS write the English lyrics for the Steve Aoki remix version of “MIC Drop.”

Flowsik is a talented rapper from Queens, New York who once appeared on Show Me The Money 5 and made it to the final rounds.


During his recent showcase for his new track “All I Need”, Flowsik discussed how he came to participate in producing BTS’s most globally popular track. He claimed, “I took part in creating the English lyrics for the remix version of BTS’s MIC Drop.”


Flowsik added, “I helped them with the lyrics because they have a lot of English lyrics in their songs. It looks like K-Pop is going global. It makes me proud.”

The Steve Aoki remix version of MIC Drop, featuring Flowsik’s English lyrics, became the highest-charting K-Pop track on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart when it dropped. The track is also a first in Korea to be certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. The track’s official music video has over 210 million views on YouTube.


Flowsik also shared excitement about his new track, explaining that it took him three years to make the next move after he competed on Show Me The Money 5. Check out his flow here:

Source: OSEN