This Korean Rapper Is in Big Trouble After Scheduling His Concert for the Wrong Time of the Year

“My concert is going to be doomed. Please buy tickets.”

Korean rapper, Kid Milli recently uploaded multiple photos of himself along with captions that expressed his regret on his official Instagram account.

One of the shared photos shows him looking sad with his head down with a caption that reads, “My independent concert is going to be doomed. Please buy tickets, everyone.

And in another post, Kid Milli shared a photo of himself crying with the caption, “I didn’t know everyone writes their final exams during this time.

Ahead of this incident, Kid Milli worked hard in preparing his independent concert commemorating the release of “LIFE”, but the problem is that he scheduled it for when most students write their final exams.

Since the majority of Kid Milli’s fans are in their 20s and many young adults in their early 20s are busy trying to maintain good grades in school, it’s no wonder the rapper is suffering a huge blow from the inconvenient scheduling.

With just five days remaining before his concert, fans can only hope that Kid Milli learns from this and schedules his future concerts more strategically to suit his fans’ availability.

Source: Insight