Korean Reporters Reveal ARMYs Aren’t The Only Ones Missing BTS

BTS are missed by everyone!

Fans are not the only ones that are missing BTS! Korean reporters and those that work in the entertainment news business are all missing BTS as well. On April 3, YTN Star posted a video of Korean reporters talking about their opinions and thoughts regarding BTS’s new comeback with “ON” and the MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 album.

Reporter Park Hyun-min stated that he was shocked watching the “ON” Kinetic Manifesto Film video as it was a video that truly focused on the group’s performance.

Another reporter revealed just how amazing and important BTS’s U.S. comeback stage performances were.

Their large-scale comeback performances on shows such as Jimmy Fallon‘s The Tonight Show and James Corden‘s The Late Late Show truly proved just how much pride Korea should have in the group.

They felt that BTS was more than just a K-Pop group and that they were now world wide stars.

After asking other fans around them, they felt that all the other albums leading up to the current one were all very experimental in terms of music and concept.

They felt that it was because of all these different and challenging experiences that the MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 felt the most complete.

The stats for this current album were beyond imaginable as they have once again continued to break their own records.

Although some might think these numbers may mean nothing, the reporters know and understand that this is in fact quite an amazing feat and should and will go down in history.

Park Hyun-min believes that these types of records will probably never be seen again after BTS!

The only downside they felt for this new album promotion was the unexpected effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. They admitted that they missed BTS and was anticipating this new album just as much as the fans.

They know that it is through these concerts that the artists and fans can truly communicate with one another on a deeper level.

These live performances are also what help the artists receive feedback for their work.

Even during this pandemic, many organizations such as WHO and the nurse associations have shouted out to BTS to help spread awareness about this virus. It’s not every day that huge worldwide operations asks a K-Pop group to help in preventative measures against a pandemic.

In their last words to the group, Park shyly admits that he thinks that they are really cool and to hopefully see them on the stage soon.

The reporters speak for themselves and the fans when they say that they cannot wait to meet with BTS once again.

Watch the full video below!