Korean Restaurant Under Fire For Its Ridiculously Sexy Store Hours Sign

The sign turned out to be more controversial than sexy.

When a tweet pointed out this franchise udon restaurant’s store hours sign, the internet immediately responded with outrage and ultimately led the brand’s headquarter to have the store remove its sign.


The Twitter account uploaded a picture of the Daegu city branch’s business hours sign and captioned it with disgust.

“Look at how f*cking nasty the Yagan-Ulkeun-Udon restaurant at Dongsung-ro is.”


The sign, titled “We are open everyday”, shows the restaurant’s store hours with an illustration of a female who has her shirt open to reveal her breasts next to the word “Open”.


The tweet received a tremendous amount of attention, with more people claiming that not only this particular branch, but the entire franchise brand itself has quite a bit of controversy to follow. Another tweet pointed out even the restaurant’s name is problematic.

“After seeing the picture, I honestly thought it was an adult toy shop. This Yagan-Ulkeun-Udon (야간얼큰우동) franchise actually calls itself ‘ya-dong* (야동, pornography)’ for short. They have those two characters in red circles, like they intend to hint at the idea. They repeatedly use the word ‘ya-dong’ in several of their menus. They have “Rated R” symbols next to their logos on their signs…”

In Korea, “udon” is referred to as “u-dong”, which is why the abbreviation of the name comes out to be “ya-dong”, not “ya-don”.

“There’s a location in Pohang City that says ‘Our ya-dong noodles are blah, blah, blah’ and it’s so disgusting that it makes me so angry.”

“Inheon-dong has a branch too and it’s seriously so disgusting.”


The menu, in fact, includes the word “ya-dong(야동, pornography) in some of their dishes.


Other locations of the franchise also seem to be embracing the idea of keeping the store a R-rated sexy udon house.

Some locations even have pictures of pin-up girls on the walls as decoration.


The concept of the franchise has offended Koreans who have fired back some heavy criticism.

  • “Honestly thought it was a prostitute house. I can’t believe it’s a restaurant. Looks like ‘Rated R’ is the concept there, but it’s not even witty. It’s just disgusting.”

  • “What the hell was the owner thinking…?”

  • “ANYONE can see the sign. EVERYONE could be offended. Why wouldn’t it be a problem? Of course it’s wrong.”


Many filed official complaints with its headquarter and the City Hall of Daegu. The HQ responded, “We have asked the Daegu location to take down the store hours sign. The word ‘ya-dong’ repeated in the menus really doesn’t mean much.”

The district’s representative also confirmed that the office has contacted the restaurant location and made sure the sign was removed. The district office stated, “We will make sure nothing like this happens again.”

Source: Newsis