Korean Soccer Player Caught Enjoying Cosmic Girls Performance, His Reaction Is Going Viral

The camera caught him enjoying their performance and he had the perfect response.

Korean soccer player Jong Tae Se led his team to victory at a recent charity match, but that’s not the only way he stole the show.

During the half-time show, the players and spectators watched a congratulatory performance from Cosmic Girls.

Jong was shown on the big screen, watching the girls with a huge, fanboy smile on his face.

When he realized he had been caught, he smiled directly at the camera… and showed off his wedding ring.

His reaction has gone viral in Korea and provided everyone with a meme to use when they get “caught” watching K-Pop by their significant other.

Jong has been happily married since 2013 to flight attendant Myung Seo Hyun. We wish him the best of luck in his marriage, soccer career, and life as an “Ujung”!

Watch the funny moment below!

Source: Insight