Korean Soldier Finds $80,000 Cash On The Street Here’s What He Did

Imagine this: you’re walking down an avenue and you find an envelope with around 74,000$ in it — what do you do?

This is what South Korea’s army’s 39th infantry division’s recruit Kim Min Hyup did when he found one such envelope on his first leave — he brought the envelope to the nearby police.

The envelope, with one 50,000,000 and one 30,000,000 cheques, was a local school’s funds, and it was safely returned the next day to a school personnel.

The school called the division to thank them for Kim’s kindness and honesty.

This goes to show that the army doesn’t just have good looks covered, but also the conscience of the nation.

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Kim’s division praised his actions and stated that it befit the army’s standards and stated that the division will award him an official commendation.

Source: Dispatch