Korean Soldiers Believe Missing TWICE’s Concert Would Be The Most Unbearable Moment, Here’s Why

Missing any of TWICE’s concerts really would be unbearable!

As a K-Pop fan what would be the most unbearable moment to you? Well, according to Korean soldiers, the most unbearable moment in life would be to miss out on a TWICE concert!


A number of Korean soldiers took a poll to determine what the most unbearable moment would be to them. They were given five different choices and with options like “taking an outdoor bath in snowy sub-zero temperatures,” it can’t have been an easy choice.


But there was one choice that that seemed in stark contrast to all the rest. The fifth option on the list was “TWICE’s outdoor performance was canceled due to heavy snowfall.”


While it may seem totally different from “being caught sleeping during the night shift” many of the soldiers that were interviewed agreed that it would truly be an unbearable event.


To them, TWICE is like a ray of light that helped them through training!


So it might not be too much of a surprise that when the soldiers picked the most unbearable situation, the canceled TWICE concert came out on top with 48.6% of all the votes!


But honestly who wouldn’t agree that missing out on TWICE’s concert would be unbearable!


Check out a clip of the poll below: