Korean Store Owner Vows To Never Leave Shop After Seeing Pictures Of Suzy In Front Of Closed Shop

Life is all about timing, he learned that on Instagram.

Suzy and actress Jang Hee Ryung (from the same agency) are on a trip together in Jeju, Korea and both actresses have been updating their Instagram accounts with snaps from their adventures around the island.


When Suzy uploaded a picture taken in front of a small private photo studio in Hanlim-eup, a cozy neighborhood close to the main Jeju City, she captioned it, “Everything is closed wherever I go.”


Upon seeing Suzy’s upload, the owner of the photo studio reposted the picture and showed great regret he wasn’t there.

“I’m sorry it was closed…… I must have been crazy, what was I thinking… The photo studio where Suzy couldn’t get a picture! The photo studio Suzy wanted to visit! #comeback #suzy #please” — Bo Chung Gi Photo Studio


Soon, news of this cute incident went viral. The photo studio owner thanked Suzy for her interest in the shop and asked that she comes back whenever.

“Suzy, thank you. I’m looking forward to the day we meet. Next time you plan on visiting, you can call to make an appointment. I will come running for you, even if you come on a day I close. Or in the middle of the night, or when I’m away on a business trip, or even when I’m not on the island, I’ll come!” — Bo Chung Gi Photo Studio


Shortly after uploading his promise to take Suzy’s pictures any time, however, the owner realized he missed actress Jang Hee Ryung as well. That’s when he decided he will stay forever put at his studio!

“I’ve failed twice… Looks like Jang Hee Ryung was at the studio too. I’m going to ground myself like a stake at the studio and never leave.” — Bo Chung Gi Photo Studio


Since Suzy and Jang Hee Ryung’s visit, the studio has been receiving more attention from tourists and celebrities alike. Though the owner left Suzy hanging, she may have done him a great favor by posting the story on her Instagram!

Source: Segye