Korean Streamer Makes Sexually Abusive Statements About Yoona Live

He made some really vulgar remarks.

Korean streamer Yapyap, real name Song Ewon, caught viewers attention when he made some really sexual statements towards Girls’ Generation Yoona.

Yapyap has a total of 13,500 subscribers and has a steady viewership on Twitch, an online broadcasting platform.

The sexually abusive remarks were made during a portion of his broadcast where he was looking at female game characters.

After looking at the girl characters, he suddenly thought of female idols and commented on how thin Yoona is.

“Yoona’s really thin, yes she’s really thin.”

— Yapyap

Things then took a turn for the worse when he started talking about the cons of her being skinny, but got very vulgar commenting about her thigh gap.

“She’s really thin so it probably hurts a lot. You know like if you “hold her” or when you “do that,” it will probably hurt a lot.”

— Yapyap

Yoona wasn’t the only celebrity mentioned, as he went on to praise Shin Min Ah and even compare the two.

“Shin Min Ah is absolutely amazing. Unlike Yoona’s [thigh gap], she is amazing.”

— Yapyap

After controversy arose from his comments, he apologized to everyone saying it was taken out of context. However, viewers were not happy with his response and he released a more in-depth apology.

He said he was very sorry to Yoona and Shin Min Ah for talking about them so carelessly and in a sexually offending manner. He also said if there were legal consequences from his remarks, he was ready to face them.

You can watch his broadcast below:

Source: Insight