Korean Streamer Shaves Her Head On Live Stream After Losing A Bet

Korean streamer BJ Narum shaved all of her hair after losing a bet, and it was streamed live!

BJ Narum engaged in a food-eating contest with another streamer named BJ Cheolgu… and the stakes were high.

They each had to eat 30 raw eggs, 60 dumplings, and 20 castellas as fast as they could, and the losing streamer would have to shave his/her head.

BJ Narum went first and finished all her food in 16 minutes and 52 seconds.

BJ Cheolgu went next and was able to finish about 5 seconds faster than BJ Narum!

Having lost, BJ Narum began cutting her hair off without any hesitation using scissors.

She couldn’t do it all by herself, however, so she asked her friend to come over and help.

BJ Narum screamed aloud as the reality of her shaven head struck her.


Check out the whole process below: