Korean Streamers Who Look Good Enough To Be Idols

Personal broadcasting is a widespread form of media content in Korea, and there are a lot of streamers who are famous for their fun and innovative content. Among these famous streamers, are BJs who are so good-looking that could be K-Pop idols—these are 5 of them:

1. BJ Lee Pyung

BJ Lee Pyung is a North Korean defector who now lives South Korea.

He streams his own stories and content about North Korea and is famous for his idol-like visuals.

2. BJ Chan

BJ Chan has been a streamer for 5 years now, and he is famous for his stunning visuals.

He broadcasts a wide range of content including mukbang, game broadcasting, and more.

3. BJ Changhyun

BJ Changhyun is a streamer who broadcasts various content including game broadcasts and mukbang, but is most famous for hosting Street Karaoke.

4. BJ Pilme

BJ Pilme mostly broadcasts mukbang, but he also broadcasts other contents in collaboration with other streamers as well.

Netizens who have seen him in person say that he looks even better in person.

5. BJ Namsoon

BJ Namsoon is famous for his idol-like visuals and always invites guests over to his show.

He invites other streamers and celebrities to be guests on his show and, in 2016, received an award for being among the top 20 streamers on Afreeca TV.

(Ben and BJ Namsoon)


Source: Insight