Korean Student Begs Netizens To Tell Her Where Kim So Hyun’s School Is… Her reason goes viral

A Korean student asked netizens what school Kim So Hyun is attending.

She explained why she has to know and her explanation went viral!

“I am trying to move to the school actress Kim So Hyun is attending. So my plan is to transfer to the school Kim So Hyun is attending and become friends with her….

After I become friends with Kim So Hyun…

I will ask her to introduce me to SHINee’s Minho…

Once I meet Minho, he will introduce me to Taemin.

Taemin will introduce me to Naeun from Apink.

I will make her introduce me to Eunji and she and I will be friends.

Eunji will introduce me to Seo In Guk.

Seo In Guk will introduce me to So Ji Sub.

Then I will meet Ji Sung.

Ji Sung will introduce me to Lee Bo Young.

I will become friends with her and meet Lee Jong Suk.

Lee Jong Suk will introduce me to Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon.

She then will introduce me to Jessica.

Then I will meet Krystal, and become friends.

Krystal will introduce me to Sulli.

Then through Sulli, I will meet Zico…

That way, I can finally meet and become close with all the members of Block B! 

So yeah… does anybody know where Kim So Hyun’s school is?

In the end, no one told her where Kim So Hyun’s school was because everyone was too busy laughing at her question and plan.

Below is a screenshot of the Kim So Hyun school post.