Korean Student Goes Blind After 12-Year-Old Shoots Him With Bow and Arrow

An elementary school in Gyeongbuk recently took their students on a field trip to Gyeonggi Province.

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A 6th grader (A) decided to take his toy bow with him, but he made some adjustments to the arrows.

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He removed the suction clip attached to the end and shaved down the tip to make it sharp, like a real arrow.

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He then aimed the arrows at his classmate (B), who covered his face with a pillow to stop the arrows from hitting him.

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Other classmates of the two tried telling A to stop, but just when B lowered his pillow, the arrow hit his eye.

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B suffered a severe eye injury that made him blind, and he had to undergo multiple surgeries and even have his eye lens removed.

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Currently, the school is checking whether A intentionally bullied B, and if he did, they’ll be transferring him.

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Being under 14 years of age, however, A will not be punished as he is protected under Juvenile Law.

Image Source: The Durango Herald

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