Korean Student’s Padding Coat Explodes Inside Public Bus… People Run In Terror

Long padding coats are not just expensive, they’re “explosive” too.

If you’ve recently been to Korea, or pay attention to what the people wear, you’d know that long padding coats have been all the rage. Korean students were even reportedly begging their parents to buy them, despite them being very expensive.

On top of being expensive, you can now add being “explosive” on the list. A Korean netizen went online to tell everyone that she had witnessed a long padding coat aka “idol coat” explode right before her eyes. The story begins with the author sitting in the back of a public Seoul city bus, making her way towards her destination.

The bus stopped at the next stop and a student wearing a long padding coat got on. Since all the seats in the front were taken, the student made his way towards the back and sat down in the far right seat. That’s when a large exploding sound went off.

This may sound impossible, but the student’s coat had “exploded,” with all the goose feathers spread all over the bus seat. The exploding sound shocked everyone on the bus, who had no idea what had happened, causing them to move towards the front of the bus.

The student, embarrassed about this accident quickly got off at the next stop, frantically. The author of the post then took photos of the aftermath and shared the photos online.

The bus driver said he had never seen anything like that happen in his whole entire career as a bus driver.


Source: Instiz