Korean Students Talk About The Type Of Classmates They Hate The Most

Many people agree that these types of students are the worst!

Korean students have been sharing about what types of classmates they hate the most. Here are some of the responses.


1. I really hate kids who disrupt the class by laughing by themselves. Especially when I can’t hear the lesson, and the teacher doesn’t say anything.


2. I hate students that cheat during exams.


3. I hate students that sleep during class, but somehow get good grades.


4. I hate students that are loud during the class, but when they are quiet they tell you to shut up…


5. …Especially when they are close with the teacher!


6. Students that smoke and drink when they don’t do much else are the worst.


7. I hate students that don’t respect the teacher, and talk down to them.


8. I’m in college, and I hate when a student sitting in front of me turns around and starts laughing with the person next to me. I can’t hear the lecture!


Source: Nate Pann