These Two Korean Girls Made One Of YouTube’s First Viral Videos 13 Years Ago

No matter how many years pass, this video never gets old!

Thirteen years ago, YouTube was the new kid on the block and viral videos weren’t automatically associated with the website like they are now. Back then viral videos were found in hidden corners of the internet, that is until a video of two Korean students hitting up a noraebong was uploaded onto the site!


The Korean Madness video was uploaded a few months after YouTube made its debut and the video quickly racked up the views.


Thanks to the two hilarious antics of the girls, the video of them singing Yu Chae Young‘s “Emotion” soon went viral and took over the internet.

It also became one of the first YouTube videos that many netizens saw!


Although it’s been 13 years, the video is still holding strong. Korean Madness has over 10 million views and has been uploaded a few different times over the years.


Additionally, it’s been the inspiration for a number of spinoffs!


Although no one is quite sure what happened to one of the girls in the original video, the other girl, Kim Woo Yeon, stuck with her passion for singing and went on to become a musical actress!


And while the “madness” series is full of gems, nothing can quite beat the original. Check it out below and witness exactly why this is one of the first viral videos!