Korean Style Consultant Explains Why BLACKPINK’s Lisa Won’t Get Rid Of Her Bangs

Do you prefer Lisa with or without bangs?

In a recent episode of Knowing Brothers, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa joked that she wouldn’t get rid of her bangs for less than ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $8.91 million USD)—but why? In a new YouTube video, Korean style consultant RareLee explained the reason behind Lisa’s commitment to bangs.

Many people who are insecure about their large foreheads cut bangs to cover them up. However, RareLee insists that that’s certainly not the case for Lisa. On the rare occasion the main dancer has been seen with her bangs brushed aside, it’s clear her forehead is the perfect size.

Instead, the style consultant explained that Lisa’s preference for bangs is down to a completely different facial feature: her eyes. The BLACKPINK star is known for her beautifully big and round eyes, which have earned her the nickname “Living Doll”.

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However, there’s something else that’s particularly unique about them—the gap between Lisa’s eyebrows and her eyes is quite short. According to RareLee, a longer distance between the eyes and eyebrows creates a “soft and serene” look. A shorter distance, on the other hand, creates a charismatic, “boyish” charm.

The style consultant went on to explain that full bangs obscure the distance between Lisa’s eyes and eyebrows. This accentuates the doll-like image she’s known for, creating a perfectly chic and sweet aura.

If Lisa was to brush her bangs aside, her image would become stronger and more sexy—especially when you take her arched, dense eyebrows into account. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a sexy vibe, it appears that Lisa prefers the lovely and soft look that full bangs bring.

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Perhaps she likes it better when all her sexiness comes from her incredible dance talent!

Watch the full video for yourself here:

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