This Korean Taxi Driver Purposely Blocked An Ambulance With Dying 80y.o. Woman From Getting To The Hospital

She died 5 hours later.

The South Korean general public is currently infuriated at a taxi driver for his selfish actions.


A YouTube channel by the name of “KOREAN NOW” uploaded a video detailing the incident. The incident began when a taxi got into an accident and blocked an ambulance carrying an emergency patient from going to the hospital. The person in the ambulance was an 80-year-old patient with lung cancer. The taxi driver stopped the ambulance and demanded that they deal with his accident first.

The ambulance told the taxi driver that they would take care of his accident after taking their patient to the hospital, but the taxi driver refused their offer.

The taxi driver decided to keep blocking the ambulance from moving, which forced them to stay. He even told the ambulance he would take responsibility if the patient died.

You’re going to the ER, it’s nothing urgent.

She’s not in critical condition anyway. I’ll call 911 for you, just send that patient on that ambulence.

I’m telling you, I’ll take the heat if she dies.

— Taxi driver

After about 10 minutes of waiting, another ambulance came to take the lung cancer patient to the hospital.

However, 5 hours after she arrived at the ER, she passed away. The son of the patient ended up posting a petition to punish the taxi driver for his actions. The son blamed the taxi driver for holding the ambulance from going to the ER and wasting golden time that could have potentially saved his mother’s life.

The petition has now been signed by over 600,000 citizens. The son also uploaded black box footage of the incident, which went viral in South Korea.

The police are currently investigating the incident and determining if the accident was related to the cause of the death of the patient.

The taxi driver also ended up resigning from his job after this incident.

Here is the full video below.