Korean Teen Reveals How To Get Your School Crush To Fall In Love With You

“It works every time.”

A Korean teen, who claims to have succeeded at making her crushes fall in love with her every single time, shared her tips and know-hows for her fellow teen girls who can’t seem to land a proper date. Other dating gurus chimed in and left words of wisdom as well.

1. Stare at your crush until your eyes meet.


2. When your eyes meet, look away in shyness. Repeat 1 and 2, but be aware of the timing! Too much can be too creepy.


3. Ask about class or school. For example, “did you take notes?” or “how did you get this answer?”


4. React well. Be noticed.


5. No matter what you say, when you’re in teens, it’s all about the appearance. Look good. Invest in looking good.


6. Compliment your crush. It boosts your crush’s confidence and that can lead to good opportunities.


7. Smile and laugh a lot, especially around your crush and about what your crush says or does.


8. Feel the tension. If it exists, proceed! Read the vibe.


9. If there is no action in return, move on. Don’t waste your time and have your heart broken.


10. Tell him. Sometimes straight up telling is the answer. After all, you won’t know for sure until everything is out in the open.